Liss Fine Art at the British Art Fair

Liss Fine Art Exhibitions & Catalogues

Liss Fine Art has organised the following exhibitions,
in association with the Fine Art Society Plc.

Winifred Knights (1995)

Thomas Monnington (1997)

Charles Mahoney (1999)

Robert Austin (2001)
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Frank Brangwyn (2006)
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Michael Canney (2006)
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Cecil Stephenson Catalogue
Cecil Stephenson (2007)
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Damn the War
Images of the First
and Second Wars (2008)
Stanley Lewis Catalogue
Stanley Lewis (2010)
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Raymond Sheppard
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Walter Bonner Gash
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Forthcoming exhibitions include:

Unsung Heroines
Unsung Heroines

Albert de Belleroche

British School of Rome

Alan Sorrell

Liss Fine Art produces a bi-annual catalogue of stock and organises
retrospectives of selected artists.

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